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Camponotus Singularis

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Camponotus Singularis are a rather docile species, often minding their own business unless provoked, in which case they will often attempt to take down the enemy in a group, or even alone, depending on the size of prey.

They do spray formic acid, so in their setup, remember to keep it well ventilated, and to minimise sources of stress to keep your colony in the best shape posible

They adore sugar water, so keep it in constant supply for them to keep growth rate on track, as colonies can reach up to 5k, so they will definitely need all the food they can get, as these ants require a lot of nutrients due to their size (1.3cm workers and 2cm queens)!

Despite rumours, they smell nothing like flowers, they smell like formic acid, please don't sniff your ants unless you want to go dizzy.