Carebara Diversa and Solenopsis Geminata shipping on 7th!!!

Refund Policy

To obtain a refund, we require an unboxing video to be sent to us less than 12 hours of your order arriving with you, please send this video via email to [email protected].

We will only refund if more than 50% of the queens in your colony, or the queen, dies, or more than 50% of the workers, DURING SHIPPING. We cannot guarantee that your care is suitable for a species, and all of our ants are quarantined appropriately, so if the death of a queen occurs AFTER you open the box, we will not be held accountable, however you can reach out to enquire about the correct care for the species.

For colonies with Gamergates (Diacamma Rugosum and Diacamma Violaceum), our supplier hand checks each ant in the colony, and guarantees the presence of a gamergate, once they arrive with us, we check each death, if there is a gamergate in the dead workers we will not list the colony for sale, if the gamergate dies to you during shipping, we are not able to refund, as it is incredibly hard to identify gamergates, and even harder to prove it on video, if you prove it, by showing the worker under a 30x+ magnifier in high enough quality to see the Gemmae, we will refund, however unless this is presented to us on the Unboxing Video, we will not be able to refund you.

Please make sure that the unboxing video shows you opening the package for the first time, in clear view, and the ants and the package never leave the frame, and there is no cuts in the video, it needs to be filmed all in one.