Carebara Diversa and Solenopsis Geminata shipping on 7th!!!

Carebara Castanea

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Carebara Castanea is the perfect species for someone who has previously kept diversa, and wants a challenge, aswell as a beautiful species. With practically microscopic pale yellow/orange workers, large bright orange/red queens, they make a brilliant species for ant keepers collection.

They are rarely kept in captivity, at this time, we are unsure why, however we can chalk it down to queens failing founding often, so we only suggest this species for very experienced keepers, who have raised Carebara Diversa from 0-500 Workers to the Tens of Thousands, as both of these species, in small worker counts, can present a challenge, and a very high risk, though Castanea is much more challenging.

We cannot really comment on care as this is a species very rarely kept in captivity, though they are Asian, so 60-80% humidity and 26C is probably good for them, we have also noticed those with successful colonies almost always raise in a test tube with a lot of substrate, and transfer to a natural setup when they get to around 25 workers, we advise this is replicated for the best chance of success.

Antgineer on TikTok has a nice colony of this species, so check him out!