Carebara Diversa and Solenopsis Geminata shipping on 7th!!!
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Carebara Pod

£9.99 - £171.99

The Carebara pod, specifically designed for a notoriously hard to raise genus is fit for both Carebara Diversa and Carebara Castanea, allowing you to rear queens, or multi-queen colonies in Diversa, with minimal disturbance, which is what they will truly benefit from.

Working from the bottom of the nest up, the stand, the stand doubles as a stacking tool, aswell as just a simple stand, to allow a heat cable to run through, keep the setup breathable, for the precious queens who call this nest home.

The nest itself is tightly held together by pieces of 3d printed, durable filament, preventing escapees, and also keeping the setup mostly watertight, however if you do not trust this, please ensure to use pure, animal safe silicone, and allowing it to dry completely prior to filling the nest.

Then, we have a mesh sheet, which sits atop of the aforementioned filament, and allows the queen to drink from the substrate (not included) below, this holds humidity impeccably, and allows the nest to sit for a good while without needing to be hydrated, perfect for Carebara Diversa specifically, due to their humidity loving nature.

Up next, the insert, is handmade by Jake's Farm, who is not only a small business owner who we here at Ants Manchester are good friends with, but the producer of all nests we will bring to your door in future. This insert was designed by United_Ants (The co-owner of AntsManchester), taking inspiration from those who have DIY setups for Carebara Diversa and Carebara Castanea, and their success with the genus, it features a cave-like setting, maintaining a dark atmosphere, and a high humidity. The insert should be placed with the smallest hole, the entrance, facing upwards, to create a cozy pocket for the queen/s.

Above this; is empty space, which is where food should be left for the colony, we suggest using a feeding dish to keep the filament as clean as possible.

Finally; the lid, which is picked to minimise not just vibrations, but escapes, which will be particularly handy when Carebara castanea is housed in this setup.

Note that these nests have not been publically tested, and these models are only prototypes, price is due to increase when at full release.

Please reach out via Instagram, To United_Ants, or Our page; or via email, to give any feedback, it will be much appreciated and will aid in our development as a newly emerging store.