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Diacamma Rugosum

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This species is the perfect "entry-level" Diacamma, as their stings aren't too painful, they aren't too big, and they don't require all that much in terms of care, a humidity between 50-70% and a temperature of 26-27 is perfect for colonies of this species.

As you may know, ants in the genus "Diacamma" do not have queens, they instead function solely on "Gamergates" which are fertile workers. Workers will eclose from their cocoons, and if there is a gamergate present, they will be mutilated, and have their "Gemmae" (a gland which instructs the worker to lay eggs) removed, and if there isn't a gamergate present, the newly eclosed worker will not be mutilated, and instead fight other workers with their gemmae intact, in hopes to assert dominance, after this, normal workers will drag males from other colonies into the nest, and the gamergate will mate with them, allowing the colony to continue growing.