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Harpegnathos Venator

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Jumping Ants, Killer Ants, whatever they've been called in the past, you've probably heard of them. Harpegnathos Venator are an incredible species, coming in at around 1.6cm for the workers and 1.7cm for queens, they are the perfect species for someone well versed in exotics, as almost every keeper wants these in their collection.

The name "Jumping Ant" comes from their signature hunting tactic, which is to stalk, get an advantage, and lunge at their prey, this works great for them, as their large mandibles mean they can grip larger prey, and let their paralysing stinger take effect.

However the name "Killer ant" is slightly less accurate, as these ants actually paralyse their prey, rather than kill it, this is believed to be a method of food preservation, as the insect being eaten cannot begin rotting until it is dead, which most of the time, is long after the larvae have started feasting.

This species have "ravenous" or "mobile" larvae, meaning the larvae are able to move and eat independently, without needing help from workers, however they will often be carried around to conserve energy.

Recommended for advanced keepers due to many factors, primarily their high humidity requirement, live food, and patience required to keep them in peak condition.