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Iridomyrmex Purpureus

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Iridomyrmex Purpureus is often compared to camponotus, probably because of the head shape, size, and overall figure, however "Meat Ants" have a few traits which aren't comparable to most camponotus.

Purpureus specifically out of the Iridomyrmex Genus have an incredibly large appetite, comparable to that Tetraponera Rufonigra, this is because of their incredibly fast growth rate, colonies often reach a few thousand workers within a year, which is very impressive for an ant of their size (1-1.2cm).

They also feature a purple/maroon head, which continues as a gradient along their thorax, and ending around the petiole, which is an appearance few ants have!

Due to their insatiable need for food, we only recommend this for advanced keepers who have kept other exotics prior, however this species acts as a great gateway into unique Australian species.