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Myrmecia Nigriceps

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Myrmecia Nigriceps, also known as the Tricolour bulldog ant is very well known for it’s extremely potent sting and strong clamp-like mandibles. These feroscious predators hunt via watching movement, and stalking prey with their huge compound eyes. Myrmecia Nigriceps is one of the largest in the Australia, and described as being huge worldwide, measuring at 23-24mm. They are found in hot Hilly areas and woodland, usually nesting in mounds.

This species is a keepers dream, coming in with their large size, aggression, and borderline personality, they also come with a hefty price tag, only recommended for experienced keepers.

For their care, Naturalistic setup preferred, however for artificial nests, ytong or gypsum is advised. Substrate is required for the larvae to be able to spin cocoons and they obviously need a constant water supply, and a consistent food supply, especially when larvae are present.

Note that they thrive in a temperate and arid environment, you can replicate this by minimally hydrating their nest, and keeping them on heat.