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Myrmica Rubra

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Myrmica Rubra, also known as the UK fire ant, is a great species for keepers looking for something slightly more complex than the standard Lasius Niger, whilst not wanting to venture out of the native species selection just yet.

They are polygynous, meaning that they can have multiple queens in the same colony, and unlike flavus, these queens do not show aggression towards eachother within the nest!

Temperatures are relatively standard, doing well anywhere between 20 and 27 degrees Celsius, though they need a hibernation between october and march at about 7 degrees Celsius.

Their sting is nothing to be scared of, but in large numbers they can be, which will happen eventually as this species grows relatively fast.

Due to the nature of myrmica, it is very difficult to identify exact species, so whilst we aim to stock only rubra, it is quite difficult to ensure every colony is rubra.