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Oecophylla Smaragdina

£44.99 - £119.99
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This amazing species creates a great centrepiece for any ant-keepers collection, with their bright colours, large colonies, and unusual behaviour, you can be sure that they will keep you staring at them for as long as they are in your collection.

The variation in colonies is mainly down to the region they are from, Australian having bright green queens, with bicoloured (green and orange) or fully green workers, and Asian having a dull green, or orange/brown queen, and fully orange workers, you can practically pick what suits your setup best, as appearance is the main variation in this species, however Australian usually come at a higher price point as they have a much higher demand and a lower supply.

Speaking of setups, they require heating, high humidity, large, natural setups to truly thrive, so for this reason, we would suggest only experienced keepers welcome this species into their collection.