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Pheidole Megacephala

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Pheidole Megacephala are known for their Diversa-Like growth rate, not only that, they are inbreeding, making Pheidole Megacephala's growth very comparable to that of Carebara Diversa, making a great species for anybody wanting them, but without the risk and the stability issues.

Their small size is easily put to use as they are able to swarm every millimetre of their prey, though it also allows them to escape, very, very, very, often.

Workers are between 2-3mm, whilst majors are 4-5, and queens 5-6, so we weren't joking about their size! Ensure you have the correct escape prevention methods (high quality nest, fluon, lid).

They have an insatiable appetite, here at AntsManchester, we fed one of our colonies a live adult male roach (in their luna pod) and it was gone by the next day, all that was left was the shrivelled up remains, this colony was about 100 workers. Note that the roach was severely inbred, and couldn't walk or react properly, and we do not recommend recreating this.

They can easily reach the thousands within a few months, so please make sure you have the correct setup avaliable (Modular or Natural, Modular is Recommended) aswell as a constant supply of food.

Despite misinformation on other ant sites, we have found that 27-30C is the optimum temperature for our colonies, and they do not need to have their nest hydrated, contrary to popular belief, we know this as one of our colonies stopped growing and moved out of the nest when it was hydrated ever so slightly, then moved into it when it was dry again and doubled in workers soon after.