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Polyrhachis Armata

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Polyrachis Armata, also known as the spiny hook ant, is a very aggressive and unusual species of arboreal ant that inhabits the extremely humid south eastern Asian Jungle.

This species is typically known for its abnormal spikes and uncommon weaving behaviour. Polyrachis Armata possesses the ability to weave basket nest’s using their only larvae as "glue guns". In the wild, they are often seen weaving nests in the canopy.

The jet black colouration and shiny glimmer along with it’s very long and sprawled legs contributes to Polyrachis Armata’s repuatation for its beautiful appearance and behaviour.

Colonies don't reach large numbers, so a large setup like their other Polyrhachis counterparts is not needed, either Artificial or natural work in terms of setup, however in artificial please note they will most likely weave inside the test tube or nest that they are in, making it near impossible to see in side.

Polyrachis Armata need a constant heat source and do best in an extremely high humidity.