Carebara Diversa and Solenopsis Geminata shipping on 7th!!!

Solenopsis Xyloni

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Solenopsis Xyloni, whilst incredibly similar to Solenopsis Geminata in terms of size, appearance, and growth, have a key difference making Xyloni a better species (in our opinion):
They don't get anywhere near as big as Geminata, Xyloni top out at around 20,000, whereas Geminata can reach the Millions.

Most haven't heard of Xyloni, as they are very rarely on the UK market, but we are here to balance the scales, and sell both Xyloni, and Geminata (in the near future)

Care is very similar, however Xyloni do not need to be kept above 25, though it is advised, as they are American, the average temperature they encounter in the wild is about 22C, so that works fine.