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Tetramorium Bicarinatum

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Tetramorium Bicarinatum, on first glance, is often mistaken for solenopsis geminata, their red colours, black gasters, large colonies, are often mistaken, though tetramorium bicarinatum do not have majors, they do have a unique ability to inbreed within the colony, giving you a constant supply of queens!

Care is pretty simple, though in our personal experience, high temperature (27-29C) and a high humidity (70-80%) are the best conditions to keep these ants in, for the best growth rate.

Note that during founding, it is a very slow start, and during shipping queens often die, which is why the smallest colony we offer is 2q 20w, as this provides not only a backup queen, but gives them a small kick-start before they start to boom!

Tetramorium bicarinatum are notorious for nesting in rubbish, often living in carcasses of their last meal, so inspect it, if there are no workers, place all rubbish in a separate sealed container temporarily, if workers emerge, put them back into your setup, if not, put it in the bin.

Speaking of setup, these ants often do best in artificial, though natural is also an option.

Keep food and water in constant supply.