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Tetraponera Rufonigra

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This species is known for their beautiful looks and large appetites, similar to Iridomyrmex Purpureus, however this species comes from asia instead of Australia, and features a black head, red thorax, and black gaster.

Keep in mind that they are known for escaping so ensure you have the correct setup with suitable escape prevention. In the wild they have no problem chewing through wood to make a nest, though In captivity they can chew through cotton, ytong, gypsum, and even bad quality 3d printer filament.

Their impressive sting make this species a risky one, an escape in the masses of this species could potentially hospitalise you, and even kill you, so please, try to contain them to the best of your ability.

Test tubes, wood, natural or 3d printed nests are the best ways to raise them, however founding queens often benefit from test tubes with cardboard separators, as they like dry, water should be in constant supply as with any colony
They will consume lots of sugars and protein as in the wild they eat lots of tree sap, and some colonies in captivity are able to eat mice with no issue, at only a few hundred workers.